Drupal is one of the most substantial Content Management solutions.

Drupal is Open Source Software and cost neutral!

Drupal is modular and therefore extremely flexible for future challenges.

Drupal is scalable and can be used for any size of homepage from private to commercial!

Drupal is community based and so there are for nearly all problems already solutions !

Drupal is the ideal Web 2.0 solution.

Drupal is easy to use.


A Drupal web presence is highly individual designed and the price can therefore only be calculated individually for your needs in all ranges of costs. 

Please contact me for a exact cost estimate... 

The production time and effort depend on the size and complexity of your needs, so it´s not possible to generalize the time needs to design your web presence.

In the frame of a cost estimate I can estimate the time needed. 

You only have to deliver the Content (text, pictures, etc.). The rest is done by me!

No problem! I also do the porting and/or redesign of your site, please ask for a detailed cost estimate... 

I also can care of your homepage and do the administration on base of an administration contract, depending on the complexity of your homepage.Please contact me for further information and cost estimates...